Norman's Blog


Dr Norman Apsley joined the Northern Ireland Science Park Foundation Limited in 2000, as its first Chief Executive, on return from England where he was involved for some thirty years in applied research and the commercialisation of research.

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Angel Angle Northern Ireland


Alan Watts is a successful entrepreneur having started a company with a friend, built it up with angel investment and then successfully sold it. Now he finds himself as poacher turned gamekeeper as he runs Halo the NI business angel network. Read his thoughts on the world of risk capital investing for NI companies in the changing world of reducing venture capital companies, rising angels and crowd funding as the new kid on the block.

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Sinclair Stockman's Blog


Sinclair has an extensive career in telecommunications and software engineering and has played a leading role in a number of ground breaking initiatives throughout the years. His early career encompassed early work on digital communication platforms, such as the world beating Keyboard Business trading platform, development of the very early web based applications and the development of software engineering management and quality processes and tools which led to the development of the first ISO certified environment for software development worldwide.

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