With a network of over 100 business angels, Halo is naturally of interest to professional advisors such as law firms, accountancy practices, banks and wealth management companies. There are only a few strictly controlled places at each meeting for professional advisors so find out how you can come along.

Angel investing and professional advisors naturally go hand in hand. Lawyers, accountants, wealth managers and even recruitment consultants work with high net-worth clients and are often involved in commercial deals. Halo is a collection of high net-worth individuals and also a source of those commercial deals.

However, Halo, as an organisation, must remain strictly neutral. So it does not recommend or favour any one professional advisor organisation. And it must keep its meetings with a very high percentage of the key people ie mostly angels, guest angels and pitching companies.

Thus professional advisors are only allowed to attend in strictly controlled numbers.

Halo is very keen to work with professional advisors as they are an important source of recruiting new potential angels. They also provide financial support on occasions by sponsoring Halo meetings.

There are 3 routes that a professional advisor can take to come to a Halo investor evening.

Halo operates a ‘buy 4 get 1 free’ scheme where professional advisors can attend one meeting and then ‘owe’ Halo 4 introductions to your high net worth clients. This allows advisors to benefit from meeting ‘the room’ while also evaluating the quality of the organisation and also the event. Only after this are they likely to feel comfortable recommending trying it to their valuable clients.

Halo also operates a ‘bring 1 get 1 free’ scheme which operates in a similar way to the ‘B4G1F’ method mentioned above. The difference is that an advisor can attend if they bring a high net worth client to the meeting. They can continue to attend Halo meetings if they bring a different potential investor to each meeting.

Finally, there is also a sponsorship opportunity available, which is the preferred option of many professional services, as it allows your company team to attend a meeting, including full badging and a short speaking slot. For more details, please contact Alan Watts, Halo Director (

To apply to attend a Halo event as a professional adviser, please fill in the application form.